Marie Amell brought this project to my attention. Very interesting discussion about ‘beauty.’ Check it out and reflect on what your definition of beauty is. What does our own culture say is beautiful? How does this compare to other cultures?!before–after-/cvkn


Photo Weekly Assignment

This weekly photo will be due Tuesday after Thanksgiving break.

For this assignment, you will need to take extremely close-up photos, practicing macro photography. Your images may be abstract in nature, due to how close-up they are. You should be focusing how the elements and principles are impacting yout photo, especially value/ texture/ rhythm/ movement.

I want to see how dynamic you can make a photo of something so close up that we do not know what it necessarily is. Be sure to make sure your photos have a focal point (that is in focus!)

You should have a minimum of 5 photos to present to the class.

Graphic Design class prep work/ sketches

  1. Explore your own style using font. Define what a serif and sans serif are. Decide which suits your style better. Start creating and experimenting with your own font. DO NOT COPY other fonts. You can borrow certain aspects of a font, but you need to change it into your own. You will need to name your fonts. For this sketch assignment, you are to come up with a minimum of 3 different font styles. They can all be a variation of one font, or they can be three completely different ideas. You must complete the alphabet. (Use the tips given in the movie, “Helvetica.”)
  1. Now that you have your font created, you will give your font variations. How does it look italicized? Does it have a bold version? Does it have any other styles to it? A holiday version? A scary or serious version? A playful version? Etc. See how many kinds of variations you can come up with for your own font. Use words to describe each. You are almost personifying the font. Think of the uses of these fonts. Who would use the serious one versus the playful one? You must complete the alphabet. (Use the tips given in the movie, “Helvetica.”) (Font)
  1. You will need a business to work with in class. Your task is to work on creating your own business idea. You will use this business to learn how to create a brand name. You will need to develop the ins and outs of this company, as we will be asking questions in class. You should know at least the name of the business, what your business does (business goals), how your business operates or works, what employs you have or how many, who your customers are, what your product looks like (packaging and all), how do you advertise/ communicate to your buyers?, etc. You will want to take your first idea, and push it 3 different ways. OR have three completely different ideas. Get those problem-solving juices flowing. In class, you will need to be prepared to introduce your company to us, show us the name of the company and the beginning ideas of what your company logo might look like. What kinds of colors represent your company? (See color theory talk during class for help with this) This is planning for an in class project. (Logo, brand identity)
  1. Sell me a color. You can pick any color you want. Using what we have learned about what each color means or represents, you will need to create an advertisement selling me a color of your choice. Ideas and designs must be original. Come up with 3 different versions of this; or try out three different colors and decide which one is more successful and why. Be creative, be school appropriate.
  1. DUE: December 1: You will need to take 10 pictures of the elements and principles of art. Specifically, you will need to focus on line and shape! These pictures need to be original! You are taking them specifically for this class, do not use old pictures or someone else’s pictures. This is homework for an in class graphic design project. Be prepared! (Symmetrical Graphic Design)
  1. You are to use your own font and 1 other font to create 3 variations of your favorite movie cover, book cover, or band album (CD Cover). You are to RE-CREATE this in your own designs. You have to use your own pictures, font, and designs. You cannot copy anything. ALL must be original. You are creating a poster for your chosen cover. Try to visually communicate how you feel about the book, movie, or band. Decide a reason for the poster. Is the author on a book tour?, is the book being turned into a movie?, is the band playing at a local theater?, is the band getting back together for one more tour?, etc. Be creative and have fun. This is the planning to an in class project. (Poster)

Advanced Studio Project 3

Advanced Studio Project: Self-Portrait: Roots

For this project, you will have to create a self-portrait. You will need to use the materials that best suite your idea. You will have to look up the meaning of the word, “roots,” and incorporate it into your project somehow. You can be inspired by the word or take it literally, but the word,’roots,’ must be used in your creation process.

Use color purposefully and/ or symbolically. 

Try to push your original idea 3 different ways before settling on what you are going to create for your project. 

All project MUST be original. Take pride in coming up with your own ideas. 

Advanced Studio Sketch Series

PSA: This is an excited and new assignment. All of the kinks are not fully worked out. If you have a question or need more explanation, please do not hesitate to ask via comment/ email/ in class. 

Sketch Series Options

Advanced Studio

Ms. Eipp

For this sketch series, you are to choose one subject matter/ object to use for all 6 sketches. The point of this assignment is to work on your problem-solving skills, critical thinking skills, and brainstorming abilities. How do we take one subject and push it 6 different ways. How do we take one idea and add to it? Push it further? Create 6 new ideas from the original idea?

The entire series will be due on January 5, 2014.

This gives you necessary time, outside of school, to complete high quality sketches during this school to break ratio. If this ends up turning into a project (which it very well could!) allow it to go where it needs! You will want to start your idea planning in your sourcebook and if you feel this could be a project, I will get you the supplies you need.

Please pick one of the following ways to create a sketch series, using your object of choice, from real life, as your subject matter. You should still be working on your observational drawing skills.

  1. Explore different materials or mediums for each variation of your sketch. All 6 sketches should be completed using different materials. You will need to reflect on the success of each material and what you are trying to create. Reflect on which material expresses your subject matter the best and why. How will you apply this to future assignments?
  1. Realistic version, Abstract version, Distorted version, Reversed version, Animated version, Crossbreed version (see Studio Art assignment on my blog for details).
  1. Abstracted/ Color Change Series: Each sketch represents a different mood or feeling. Color is your main visual communication/ symbol for the mood represented. You can alter and distort in other ways (into an Abstract form) in order to further communicate your purpose.
  1. Throughout the series of sketches, you are adding elements/ principles/ additional objects, etc. to create a story. This will start out very basic (a realistic drawing of the object for sketch number 1, they will then progress through the next five sketches into a story).
  1. Your first sketch will be as realistic as possible. Pushing your own observational skills to a whole new level. The second sketch will be EXTREMELY stylized. Using your own style, completely alter the second sketch to show your style. For the 3rd, 4th, and 5th sketch, you will look up different artists or art movements to learn about and mimic. You will re-create the object three times in three different styles (your research and works cited will need to be in your sourcebook). The last sketch will need to be a combination of the last 5 sketches. You are creating a hybrid sketch of all of these styles. Perhaps it is broken down, like Cubism, and you grid your object and create the entire form out of the different styles, maybe the styles come together in a unified manner to create something new. The possibilities are endless here. Interpret and work in a way that makes sense for you.

6. You could have 1 sheet of paper (composition) that you start out with the basic realistic drawing of one subject matter and then you alter and add to the subject, whether it be through material choice, style, distortion, etc., you will be adding to one composition. You will need to photograph each step of the way to document your progress. There should be at least 6 different additions to this composition.

  1. Elements and principles series. The first sketch will have a very basic outline of your subject. Through each series you are adding a few elements and principles until the last sketch has all (or as many as possible) used/ included.

For all of these options, you should be solving how to push your idea/ subject matter further. How to create a more complete composition. Which materials are better suited for certain ideas. Please reflect on your series and your process. You should be documenting the entire thing in your sourcebook.

You will be receiving an individual grade for each 6 sketches and an overall grade for the series. You will be graded on the following criteria:

Craftsmanship 10pts.

Use of Elements and Principles 10pts.

Ability to problem-solve one subject 6 different ways 10pts.

Quality of work (time spent) 10pts.

Originality of work 10pts.

Self-Reflection and Documentation of Process 10pts

Sam Lee’s Portfolio

Today, is an exciting day! Sam Lee submitted his portfolio and application to Syracuse University’s Newhouse School of Communications (“The Newhouse School is one of the nation’s top schools of communication, preparing students to become leaders in a rapidly changing media landscape.” – Here is a link to Sam’s portfolio. Wish him luck and enjoy the show!

Weekly Photo Assignment

Due Monday, November 24, 2014.

“Capturing Color” 

You should be diving into your area of concentration or using this element to practice interesting perspectives/ angles, and how to create a successful composition with color as your main focus. You may focus on one color, you may use a wide variety of colors. Color should be your  main focus though. Does it enhance your photo or detract from it? Be sure to reflect. You should be presenting a minimum of 3-5 photos (this means you have taken an abundance of photos and have narrowed it down to the best 5.)

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