Photo Project 2


Digital Photography

Ms. Eipp

As a class, we will be taking multiple self-portraits. You will not be taking these in a ‘selfie’ manner. We will be setting up a tripod and backdrop for you to take your own picture with. A classmate may help you with this.

  • We will talk about lighting and angles.
  • We will work on basic Photoshop techniques for face editing.

Part 1:

Everyone will decide on three pictures, where they are making three different faces (the more extreme the better). Keep it school appropriate though.

We will work together in the computer lab to place these faces together on one image. Your shoulders will have three different faces (all facing a different direction). This will be a good way to show the many emotions or personalities we all possess.

This idea is borrowed from the SUNY Oswego Summer of the Arts Photography Course.

Part 2:

On your own self-portrait project. Thinking about composition and symbolism, I want you to create a series of 5+ photos that serve as your self-portrait. You can do straight photography, you can add in elements of digital imaging. This is up to you and your visual communication.


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