Studio Art Sketch Series

Studio Art Sketch Series

Due January 5th.

For this sketch series, you are to choose an everyday object that you can draw from real life– not a photo!

We are working on our problem-solving skills, critical thinking skills, creativity, and drawing abilities. Be sure to LOOK at what you are drawing. DO NOT MAKE IT UP. Do not use the symbol in your head.

You will be required to complete 6 sketch drawings. These will be due on the day you get back from winter break. (January 5 or 6)

***All work must be original, school appropriate, high quality, and pushing your own ability. Please interpret each of these tasks in a way that makes sense for you and what you are trying to accomplish. Have fun with this! Take your time. Try to improve your work ethic!

Realistic Sketch: same as every other sketch, you are pushing your observational drawing skills. A realistic pencil drawing of your object with a wide range of value, detail, texture, and form.

Abstract Sketch: Simplify your drawing into mood, feelings, emotions, color, shapes, and lines.

Distorted Sketch: Stretch and twist your object. Pretend that it is soft and stretchable or melting. You could also use a grid method of distortion. It is up to you the way that you distort your sketch. (Could tie into Surrealism, Cubism, etc.)

Crossbreed Sketch: Combine your object with another object or animal. There should be a seamless transition (metamorphosis) between the two. You must include an environment (background) for this drawing.

Animated Sketch: Pretend your object has come to life. What would it need to see, eat, move around, etc.? Where would it dwell (live)?

Reversed Sketch: Draw your object being used in a way it would normally not be. Include a background or environment.

-These should all be done in your sketchbook in a sequential order. (Do not put other pages or assignments between)

Thank you to Mr. Adam Huckle for allowing me to take your idea and change it into my own!


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