Advanced Studio Sketch Series

PSA: This is an excited and new assignment. All of the kinks are not fully worked out. If you have a question or need more explanation, please do not hesitate to ask via comment/ email/ in class. 

Sketch Series Options

Advanced Studio

Ms. Eipp

For this sketch series, you are to choose one subject matter/ object to use for all 6 sketches. The point of this assignment is to work on your problem-solving skills, critical thinking skills, and brainstorming abilities. How do we take one subject and push it 6 different ways. How do we take one idea and add to it? Push it further? Create 6 new ideas from the original idea?

The entire series will be due on January 5, 2014.

This gives you necessary time, outside of school, to complete high quality sketches during this school to break ratio. If this ends up turning into a project (which it very well could!) allow it to go where it needs! You will want to start your idea planning in your sourcebook and if you feel this could be a project, I will get you the supplies you need.

Please pick one of the following ways to create a sketch series, using your object of choice, from real life, as your subject matter. You should still be working on your observational drawing skills.

  1. Explore different materials or mediums for each variation of your sketch. All 6 sketches should be completed using different materials. You will need to reflect on the success of each material and what you are trying to create. Reflect on which material expresses your subject matter the best and why. How will you apply this to future assignments?
  1. Realistic version, Abstract version, Distorted version, Reversed version, Animated version, Crossbreed version (see Studio Art assignment on my blog for details).
  1. Abstracted/ Color Change Series: Each sketch represents a different mood or feeling. Color is your main visual communication/ symbol for the mood represented. You can alter and distort in other ways (into an Abstract form) in order to further communicate your purpose.
  1. Throughout the series of sketches, you are adding elements/ principles/ additional objects, etc. to create a story. This will start out very basic (a realistic drawing of the object for sketch number 1, they will then progress through the next five sketches into a story).
  1. Your first sketch will be as realistic as possible. Pushing your own observational skills to a whole new level. The second sketch will be EXTREMELY stylized. Using your own style, completely alter the second sketch to show your style. For the 3rd, 4th, and 5th sketch, you will look up different artists or art movements to learn about and mimic. You will re-create the object three times in three different styles (your research and works cited will need to be in your sourcebook). The last sketch will need to be a combination of the last 5 sketches. You are creating a hybrid sketch of all of these styles. Perhaps it is broken down, like Cubism, and you grid your object and create the entire form out of the different styles, maybe the styles come together in a unified manner to create something new. The possibilities are endless here. Interpret and work in a way that makes sense for you.

6. You could have 1 sheet of paper (composition) that you start out with the basic realistic drawing of one subject matter and then you alter and add to the subject, whether it be through material choice, style, distortion, etc., you will be adding to one composition. You will need to photograph each step of the way to document your progress. There should be at least 6 different additions to this composition.

  1. Elements and principles series. The first sketch will have a very basic outline of your subject. Through each series you are adding a few elements and principles until the last sketch has all (or as many as possible) used/ included.

For all of these options, you should be solving how to push your idea/ subject matter further. How to create a more complete composition. Which materials are better suited for certain ideas. Please reflect on your series and your process. You should be documenting the entire thing in your sourcebook.

You will be receiving an individual grade for each 6 sketches and an overall grade for the series. You will be graded on the following criteria:

Craftsmanship 10pts.

Use of Elements and Principles 10pts.

Ability to problem-solve one subject 6 different ways 10pts.

Quality of work (time spent) 10pts.

Originality of work 10pts.

Self-Reflection and Documentation of Process 10pts


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