“Colors” By Brigid Barstow

To me art is in everything, whether it’s just a painting you made in art class, the furnishing in a home, or even outfits you choose to wear. It also isn’t just the stuff you see; I believe you can find art in everything, especially music.
For this project, I really struggled with learning that things don’t always have to go as planned and they can still work out alright. When I started my project had an idea in my head and I knew exactly what I was going to do. As I was working on creating this project, I realized that not everything works out exactly how you expect it to. Sometimes you mess things up and you might think you ruined it and just give up hope. I almost gave up on my project but I didn’t… and it ended up alright.
This painting is 100% abstract, the difference between abstract and realism is that realism is a method where painters aim to portray a scene exactly how it would be seen by the eye. Abstract is more about feelings and intangible ideas.

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“Blue Line In Midnight” By Connor Newcombe

I started with not overlapping colors and using a repeated diamond shape. When I saw everyone else’s paintings I started to overlap the paints and got a dark green. I was painting blobs of painted circles, then had waves going to the circle of colors. I was inspired to find colors that don’t look like they go together. These colors were a dark red and purple. Then, I added a line of blue on both colors and added a fine pink along the edge.

Well, I really wish I stayed with my original idea because my friend told me that she liked my first idea better and I wish I could find variety in my mixed colors and I also wish I had more colors to use.

IMG_0979 IMG_0982IMG_1010

Time-Lapse use in art class

Check out the video below of my students using time-lapse to capture their progress on projects/ sketches. We also used the time-lapse to capture a few chalk-talks so far. I can’t wait to continue to use this method in class more. I encourage all of my students to use this at least once on a project or sketch.

(Note: tertiary is spelled wrong in the video- our apologies!)



A couple of pottery pieces done by Gaetan Foisy; fresh out of the kiln!

Arts All Stars: Carl Hayes: Class of 2015

Carl will be featured on Channel 7 News Arts All Stars Program in January! Stay tuned for the exact date and time. Congratulations Carl!


“Over Run” By Lilly Kenyon

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The process: My abstract painting is called “Over Run.”  At first, I tried to make everything flow like a wave.  I did not like the composition, so I painted over it with white and allowed the white to pick up all the other colors beneath it; which made colors I really liked. So, I added some designs that were in contrast to the flowing motions I created before. I put a lot of designs in it, which I wish I didn’t do because I made it too complicated. Overall, I’m pretty happy with the outcome.

My title name:

I called it “Over Run,” because to me, it looks like the cone shaped objects are towering over the cross at the bottom; in essence one taking over the other.

Artist statement:
Overall, I am happy with my work. I like the colors and layout of the composition. I wish I combined the colors more and used some simpler details. I learned to take my time and that black flattens the painting; but done right it looks good.

“Mystical Rainbow” By Miranda Merrill

Art Reflection:
Art is about expressing yourself and showing the world how and what you feel. You have to be creative, wanting to try something new, and having fun with doing art. You do not have to enjoy art to make it. All you have to do is feel free and let your imagination do anything it wants. Realism is simply things drawn from real life and is painted with realistic colors.

Artist Statement:
I am really proud of my final piece of art. I feel like I did a wonderful job with it but, I could have used more colors and I could have done a little more color mixing, but it is abstract art. It is not supposed to represent anything from our world, that is the whole idea of abstract.

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