Digital Photography Portrait Project


Digital Photography

Ms. Eipp

Note it: There will be an in class project for this assignment, as well as an out of class assignment.

In class: You are to take pictures of each of your classmates and try to show their personalities through your photos. You will want to get to know your classmates better for this assignment. It will help if you make a questionnaire for them to fill out and to help with your discussion to get to know them better. How will you make these photos interesting and not regular/ typical yearbook photo? How will you set this up? What supplies/ props/ backdrops(grounds) will you need?

You will need to have a minimum of one photo for each person in class. It is up to you the way you display these photos (together or individually), but you will need to have a presentation ready for class on December 18th.

I would like to see your style emerge in these photos. Please try to utilize natural lighting.

Start Planning (First ideas that came to your mind):

Outside of class: You will need to submit a minimum of ten photos for this part. You will have a chance to work on portrait photography that interests you.

  1. Before you start, I want you to research the different types of portrait photography there is.
  2. Reflect on which style of portrait photography interests you best.
  3. Print off work from your favorite portrait photographer, give me background information, their website, and critique their work.
  4. You will take your own photos with inspiration from your research, but you will not copy. You will take original photos, exploring your own style and interests in portrait photography.
  5. Reflections and Artist statements due. (Update Sourcebook)
  6. We will have a mid-way critique before break and a final critique when you get back from break.

Start Planning (First ideas that came to your mind):


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