“Dream Land” By Makenzie Martin

“Dream Land”

Makenzie Martin

Studio Art


This design could be the thoughts that are going through your head while making a hard decision. The white would represent all the good influence of parents or the guardian figure in your life. The white is sort of laying itself over what the different aspects or choices in life are (different colors) and then, the spot of pink is something that you may really want to do, but you are unsure if you should or not. The silver lines could be other people’s opinions added to the confusion. This balance may be a common theme in everyday life for most people.

I think that I went with too many lines and a lot of useless colors and blending. I enjoyed my project more when the lines stopped itself after the white. Next time, I will definitely stay with the more simple painting that has less line and focus more on the blending of color. I’m actually still very proud of how it came out and I’m glad that I was able to paint this.







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