“Saucy” By Jordan Tishberg

Here is my work titled, “Saucy.” The progress pictures are from Day 2, Day 3, and Day 5 of working on my abstract painting project. Day 5 is the final product.

IMG_0404 (1)

IMG_0405 (1)

IMG_0410 (1)

Jordan Tishberg

Artist statement

Art to me is making a drawing, painting, sketch, sculpture or picture of something of how you feel or your emotions or something from real life at the time. In my abstract painting, I struggled with being able to paint over my first colors with more colors and making a better composition on top of the design I started with. I succeeded with having a pretty cool design in the end and using awesome bright colors and cool mixtures of colors. I learned that there is always more you can do to make your art better than what you think is ‘’done.’’ You can always do more things like add more shape, texture or color to make it more interesting. Any of the elements or principles of art would improve your composition. Also, to make sure it is done, you can ask other people to see what they think. Other people can give you an educated opinion of your work as well as some constructive criticism in order to make your art work better. Then, you can say it’s done once it’s at perfection or when you really like it. Abstract art is creating art where you use your feelings and emotions in a non-realistic way to make your art work. Realism is making your artwork based off of things from real life, and drawing it to look exactly the same as the objects. I prefer realism to abstract art because you can draw things from real life that you love and that is hard to do in an abstract way.


I got from one step to another by Eippers pushing me to add more paint, mix more paint, and asking what other elements and principles of art I could add. I think I did a better job of putting more elements and principles in my project. Also, I looked at other people’s artwork for better ideas and inspiration that I can use to make my painting better. Abstract art, to me, is mainly, just doing art with all different colors and other elements of art; there is no wrong way to create. I love abstract art because you can just splatter paint on the canvas or add random lines and shapes or push the texture by using different colors in order to show an emotion, a feeling, a mood, or just simply what you like.


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