“Whirl of Color” By Brook Stevenson

Brook Stevenson Studio Art
12/8/14 Abstract Art Painting Submission

The first day of my abstract art painting, I decided I wanted to use all pastel colors. I, originally, wanted different colors to come in from the corners of the painting and go into the middle of the canvas. However, the next day, I found that idea boring and I wanted to change it up. I wanted to make a whirl of colors, almost like a comet in space. I began to experiment by making pastel pink, orange, and blue. I used fast brush strokes and placed them in a broken circle around the painting. The next day, I thought I needed the painting to be more colorful so I added red, green, and purple. I really liked it, but I needed to get rid of the whites spaces in the middle of the canvas. My classmates at my table had started to splatter paint and I thought it looked really cool. I planned to splatter paint when I was finished with the swirls. The next day, I decided the painting needed a pop of color so I added a bright yellow. Then, I added turquoise because I noticed the turquoise from the background had been mostly covered up. The last day, I splattered paint of different colors to add another interesting element to look at on the canvas. I used color, texture, balance, and rhythm. I tried to push my painting and go out of my regular comfort zone of realistic, detailed work and to make it the best that I could. Overall, I’m really happy with the results and knowing that I did my best. However, I’m also sad because I want to do it again because it’s so much fun to make abstract art.

Artist Statement:
I wanted to make this painting look like a whirl of colors; I wanted to make it look like a comet or something you could find in space just more colorful. I want my artwork to make people happy because it makes me happy and gives me joy. One thing I learned while making this project is there are many different shades of turquoise and that I had to get the right amount of blue, green, and white to perfectly replicate a color. Before I did this unit in abstract art, I didn’t really appreciate abstract art and I thought it was over priced. Now, that I have done this project, I really see and can even relate to the effort an artist makes to make abstract art. Overall, I think realism takes a lot more effort than abstract art because realistic art needs to look how it does in real life whereas in abstract art, you get to be more expressive and show your feelings more. I think abstract art can come more naturally than realism. I’m really glad I did this project because it made me really understand and appreciate abstract art.







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