“Burst of Life” By Madison Gray


My finished abstract painting shows distinctive brush strokes leading toward the top of the canvas. While working, I frequently brushed colors upward to blend them. In the first picture it shows my intention of gradually leading colors from dark to light from the bottom to the top. While painting, I accidentally got a color in a spot I did not desire. It contrasted against another color and it discouraged me however, I brushed them together to experiment which made a cool looking streak. I started to repeat the motion by putting globs of different colors of paint next to each other and then brushed them together. I already had a section of painting in the middle, so I added depth by circling the streak of paint around it and then upward. I did leave the idea of gradual leading of colors from dark to light to the top of the canvas, but I added depth to make the painting look like it had an opening in the center. Before this unit I was very excited to get started. I liked the idea of abstract expressionism because you get to see the artists’ emotion in a different light. Through out working on this project I saw a different aspect in my artistic ways which was quite interesting to me.
Artist Statement:
When starting I wanted to fuse colors together. I wanted lighter colors to catch the eyes of viewers. Bursts of colors are nice to look at, personally, so I wanted to tie that into my work. Once, I accidentally put a color in the incorrect spot and it gave me a different look on the painting. I decided to put small bursts of color on top of darker ones not only to show depth, but to show the emotion in life. The darker colors represent the hard times in life that might stress you out or make you sad. The small streaks of brighter colors show the small things that help you through a hard time. That could be a friend, a family member, a hobby that helps calm you, or anything else that gives you a sense of relief or happiness. Currently, my grandmother isn’t doing so well, so my emotion toward the situation go with the darker colors. The lighter colors show when I’m with her and sharing stories and seeing a smile on her face. During this project I had to push through with what I was trying to say. Some may say that abstract painting could be done by anyone of any age. While that may be true, I think the emotion that people put into their abstract work shows just a bit more than what’s on the physical canvas.IMG_7206IMG_7216IMG_7276


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