“It’s…” By Kristy Coyle

Artist statement:

Abstract art, I feel, is a really good way to express yourself. Not only does it show your skills, but it shows your feelings and emotions through careless hand movements. Well, abstract art isn’t always careless, a lot of the time there’s a lot of planning that goes along with the painting. But for me, I used a lot careless movements and random colors to express what I was feeling during the different days I worked on it. My different emotions on different days are the reason why there is no exact color scheme or planned colors. The reason I call my painting “It’s…” is because whenever I were to describe my painting or how it was going I would always say “it’s…” To share. It never came with any other name or description.


When I started my abstract painting, I didn’t have a plan for how the project would turn out. I practiced in my sourcebook with oil pastels; I didn’t have a plan to start my final copy with. When Ms. Eipp asked me if I wanted to start, I was considering practicing more. I decided to actually start without any plan. When I first got my canvas, I started with light, warm colors like red/purple, orange, and a pastel pink; which reflected my mood that day (calm and relaxed). But when I went to work on the painting the next day, my mood had change completely, as did my painting. As the days of working went by, my painting kept changing and changing with different layers and paint schemes. At one point of working on my project, I ended up making a big mess on my canvas, and also my jeans, but my painting turned into what it might look like if a food fight had started in the school’s cafeteria during lunch. The end product is exactly that, but the whole thing is based on moods I had on different days.








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