“Purple” By Sarah Miller


By Sarah Miller

Artist’s Statement: My painting is ironically titled “Purple,” because I wanted to make people think about their own perception. If you were to title this painting with a color, the obvious answer would be yellow. However, upon examination, it would be realized that purple is a necessary element. This can be the case on any number of everyday situations in life. Whether it be a person that unknowingly impacts life, or an experience that has any number of influences. This painting is a hanging contradiction. I created it to look like something is dripping, but I’ve chosen to present it the other way around.

Reflection: When I started this project, I got all of these vivid colors to paint with. I was listening to my music with earphones and a song by “Coldplay” came on. I was inspired and surprised myself with what I painted. I wanted to experiment with one color, a monochromatic color scheme, and see if I could still draw people’s attention. I’m very pleased with the final product and all of the progressions.

IMG_20141209_103156IMG_20141209_103135IMG_20141203_105110813 IMG_20141209_103045


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