“Storm” By Noelle Garfield

Artist Statement:

My painting, “Storm,” is an abstract painting consisting of blues and purples of differing values. Both the colors and the shapes/ sections of the piece remind me of a rain or snow storm. My original inspiration was the inclusion of texture. I was inspired when Ms. Eipp was showing us an example in the beginning of the project and said mentioned the important use of texture. I wanted to make something that popped-out of the canvas, literally, and give the viewer something to touch. I came up with the design for the background, then thought about what I wanted to paint over it. I really enjoyed my original painting, but Ms. Eipp pushed me to add more because painting is all about layers and seeing how far you can push your ideas/ composition. One thing I noticed is that as I added more each day and changed my painting I started to like it less. However, that’s okay because I still have the original picture. I still like the painting, but in a different way.

I liked my beginning painting which included thick paint stokes with blue and purple and also some stippling. The next class I added a swirl in the middle with both blue and purple trying to show all the colors coming together. The next class I decided to change the middle again and did not end up liking the end result. However, I liked the way the center was different from the rest of the painting. Overall, I like abstract painting more than realism because it fits my interests more. Abstract is more about the mind and psychology based than just painting what is right in front of you.

image (1)




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