“The Red Disturbance” By Hannah Holt

“The Red Disturbance”

By Hannah Holt

Artist Statement:

The contrast of red against the calmer blues and greens indicates an interruption to the otherwise calm serenity. The hue variations around the intruding color are abrupt, while the rest of the painting is blended together. The outermost edges of the red are rupturing, contaminating the otherwise peaceful mood. The blue is starting to bow down to the demands of red’s power. The portrayed temptation started off small, but the spiral shape shows how quickly a sin can grow and how other feelings are pushed away until it eventually consumes one’s actions.


On day one, I had trouble completely covering my canvas with paint. A lot of white showed through. I also had difficulty with the idea of painting a base and then later adding shapes, colors, and textures. I painted the shapes I wanted without a base underneath, so my painting lacked depth. I didn’t have a plan and just painted blotches that went with my day. The next day, I decided to cover as much canvas as I could to exterminate any white peeking through. The result was an effect that reminded me of Van Gogh’s rough monochromatic blue strokes in his, “Starry Night.” I also got rid the other red swirl to add more emphasis to one focal point. Day three, I added more form to the red in the center. I continued to blend the outer colors so an onlooker could interpret unity. The color was still flat, so on day four, I added value to make it more interesting. I also added a balance of green and blue formed around the red. Finally, I decided to break open the spiral to show a little rebellion on red’s part. The color also stands out in the center because of the complimentary colors.

IMG_6202 IMG_6203 IMG_6204 IMG_6205 IMG_6262


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