“British Flag” By Devon Stark

I spent about 3-4 days on this art project and it was hard to find inspiration. So, I took suggestions from my art teacher Miss Eipp and she deserves a little bit of credit because she took time out of her day to teach me how to paint.

The first step I took was I started to mix colors and then I started to add the background to my painting. With a lot of mixed colors I set it to dry and the next day, I started to add layers. After that I added splatters of all sorts of colors and at the end I mixed a bunch of colors until I found the one I wanted and made one big stripe.

*I had a lot of success with splattering because it was easy.

*I learned how to paint abstract really well during the process because of all the help I got from my classmates and teacher.

*My last thought is that it may have been annoying to keep adding to the painting but it was worth the effort because it looked good at the end. Painting is my favorite in art and this project is the best I have done since Kindergarten.

This painting represents me because of all the colors because 1 second I can be happy the next mad. I titled this work, “British Flag,” because of all the stripes and colors I added, it reminded me of the flag. Here is my progress:

IMG_6686 IMG_6687  IMG_0407IMG_6712 IMG_0411IMG_6729


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