“Come To Me” By Hunter Wilson


In the beginning of this project knew I wanted to use varying color and textures. I started with different simple colors and smooth textures. Starting in one corner it was flat, then
as I painted across the page, I added more mixed paint and more texture.
Next, I went a little bit far with the silver, adding large blobs of the paint all over my canvas, which created an impasto effect. I really liked it and I really wanted to leave it the way it was, but layer after layer is supposed to make it even better, so I thought up different colors to complement the piece and where to use them. I realized that the silver made it all too simple and bland because it took over the canvas, so I added spots of differing pinks and purples especially around the space near one edge. Next, I used a method Miss Eipp had suggested which was putting two pieces of wet work together to add more color and texture just to make it different. So, I put a huge smear of silver in my sourcebook and put my canvas on it then peeled it back and I got a really cool texture because of it. The last step in my piece was to add a dark element to really bring the whole thing together, because at this time it was looking too bright and all of the colors were in round shapes. So, I took a piece of paper, folded it in half and painted the fold black. I then placed the fold across my canvas in varying directions over and over again until I got a good contrasting aspect to my piece. After I finished this I knew I was done. What I guess I struggled with is knowing how far to go with the whole thing in general. I always wanted to stop because I thought it was good enough; but after adding layers and different methods to the whole thing I’m happy with the final result.



Artistic Statement

What my art work represents is life in general but relationships specifically. The morphing textures and colors on my canvas show what all relationships do, they start simple and plain and are changed into something completely unique, detailed, and different. I also added different elements from the bright pinks representing the sparks and the black straight lines and darker tones representing the hard patches. The silver kind of took on a life of its own so I consider it to be sort of “the luck of life” and what life throws at people. The inspiration for the whole relationship idea was from my favorite song by, “The Goo Goo Dolls,” that talks about a life with another person from the moment they meet until their last days. It’s more of a true love story in the song, but in my piece I’d like to think it can relate to any relationship in general; whether it’s family, friendship, or love. I also like to think that each layer shows each phase in life that the relationship goes through, and those layers keep building upon each other into something beautiful and all its own. Even when the layers are differing they still work together and form unity. I’ve seen a lot of things in my circle of friends and within my own family and I think all the aspects of everything I’ve seen are shown on the canvas. I’m happy I got to portray what I wanted from beginning to end.

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