“Over Run” By Lilly Kenyon

image (6)image (5)image (4) image (3)  image (2)

The process: My abstract painting is called “Over Run.”  At first, I tried to make everything flow like a wave.  I did not like the composition, so I painted over it with white and allowed the white to pick up all the other colors beneath it; which made colors I really liked. So, I added some designs that were in contrast to the flowing motions I created before. I put a lot of designs in it, which I wish I didn’t do because I made it too complicated. Overall, I’m pretty happy with the outcome.

My title name:

I called it “Over Run,” because to me, it looks like the cone shaped objects are towering over the cross at the bottom; in essence one taking over the other.

Artist statement:
Overall, I am happy with my work. I like the colors and layout of the composition. I wish I combined the colors more and used some simpler details. I learned to take my time and that black flattens the painting; but done right it looks good.


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