Photography Assignments (A look ahead)

Use this time, between now and when we get back from break, to be productive and to plan ahead! I have given you your new project and weekly photo to get started on. Take advantage of the lighting and flexibility being on break will offer.

Research Cindy Sherman; portrait photographer. You need to give me basic info./bio, interesting facts, print off examples of her work and critique your favorite piece. As a part of your critique, make a personal reflection or statement about what you think of Cindy Sherman’s work.  Please put in sourcebook. Use credible websites (like Cindy Sherman’s own website!) and site your sources.

Weekly Photo:Two parts: Need to submit a minimum of 10 photos. Need to focus on reflective surfaces and silhouettes. Be original, be creative, enjoy problem-solving and applying your photography interests and style with these two requirements. Look at your composition before you take your pictures…what is the focal point? What is in focus? What is in the background? What angle are you taking this from? Should you  move a bit? What mood is being evoked? How is the lighting? Don’t forget to breathe while you are taking your pictures! Holding your breath can cause blurry photos.


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