Enjoying the weather while we can!

Today’s studio art class has gotten outside twice now to work on a motorcycle still life. It is so nice to not be confined to the walls of the classroom. We are working on learning how to draw from observation. The students had to pick an interesting angle of the bike. Using their built in view finders (their hands) find an interesting composition that takes up the whole page.

We always start drawing with some warm-up contour practices. The first one we did was a blind contour drawing. This means we do not pick up our pencil (everything is connected) and we cannot look down at our paper. The goal is to really study, look, and observe what you are drawing; see how the different parts interact, connect, and are layered. We worked on noticing little details that at a first glance you don’t notice. These are fun because they are not supposed to look good- it gets everyone a little more relaxed and at ease.

The second warm-up was a regular contour drawing. Here, the goal was to not pick up the pencil but you could look down if needed. More continued observation. I consider these warm-ups the ‘research’ of our ‘paper.’ When writing a paper, it is important to have a rough draft that you can learn from, edit, and re-work to make the final paper that much better. The same goes for drawing. We lightly outlined the basic shapes that we saw. We then added more descriptive lines to create 3-D shapes. Next, adding value to turn those 3-D shapes into form.

We have learned how the elements of art create our work and how to manipulate them to create art that is aesthetically pleasing. The students were also taught how to use line to create value and should be practicing different strokes and techniques taught to add value to their projects. Here are some in progress pictures from class.

IMG_4551 IMG_4552 IMG_4554 IMG_4555 IMG_4577IMG_4556


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