Photography Assignment

For your next assignment, I want you to explore EXTREME PERSPECTIVES! You should be taking pictures from a ‘worms eye view,’ a ‘birds eye view,’ and any other extreme perspective.

Here are some examples of forced perspective:

Without copying these ideas…explore interesting perspectives on your own… what can you come up with? Show me something I haven’t seen before.


Advanced Studio New Project Requirements

For this next project, you will have free-range to create your composition. This open-ended project has only one requirement. You get TWO options for the requirement. Your project must either include an animal OR be a visual pun. Other than that, you can create anything, as long as you are creating original work. DO NOT STEAL other people’s ideas. You can use photo references if you are not able to take your own, but you need to compile many references to use and give credit to those artists. Please interpret the requirements in a way that suits you, your style, and your medium of choice. Have fun and get problem-solving!

When you have your idea, please share it in the comments section!

Digital Photography A-Z Project


A-Z Assignment

Due Thursday, February 26. 

For this assignment, you will need to look for naturally occurring letters both in and outdoors.

You will be required to supply a letter for the entire alphabet. These letters will need to be displayed both individually and as one entire design. The design format for the whole alphabet is up to you.

Think creatively. You must find the letters naturally occurring. You cannot make the letters yourself.

You will need to be self-motivated and work hard. Be creative with the possibilities of the letters.

If you finish early, you can create school appropriate words or designs out of your alphabet. OR you can take pictures of one shape over and over again (finding it in different locations, areas, naturally occurring. For example, take pictures of circles and create a design out of all the circles you found using filters and adjustments in Photoshop.

Enjoy the possibilities of this assignment! Keep a close eye out for potential letters both during school and outside of school. HAVE YOUR CAMERA WITH YOU AS OFTEN AS POSSIBLE!

Digital Photography Portrait Project


Digital Photography

Ms. Eipp

Note it: There will be an in class project for this assignment, as well as an out of class assignment.

In class: You are to take pictures of each of your classmates and try to show their personalities through your photos. You will want to get to know your classmates better for this assignment. It will help if you make a questionnaire for them to fill out and to help with your discussion to get to know them better. How will you make these photos interesting and not regular/ typical yearbook photo? How will you set this up? What supplies/ props/ backdrops(grounds) will you need?

You will need to have a minimum of one photo for each person in class. It is up to you the way you display these photos (together or individually), but you will need to have a presentation ready for class on December 18th.

I would like to see your style emerge in these photos. Please try to utilize natural lighting.

Start Planning (First ideas that came to your mind):

Outside of class: You will need to submit a minimum of ten photos for this part. You will have a chance to work on portrait photography that interests you.

  1. Before you start, I want you to research the different types of portrait photography there is.
  2. Reflect on which style of portrait photography interests you best.
  3. Print off work from your favorite portrait photographer, give me background information, their website, and critique their work.
  4. You will take your own photos with inspiration from your research, but you will not copy. You will take original photos, exploring your own style and interests in portrait photography.
  5. Reflections and Artist statements due. (Update Sourcebook)
  6. We will have a mid-way critique before break and a final critique when you get back from break.

Start Planning (First ideas that came to your mind):

Advanced Studio Project 3

Advanced Studio Project: Self-Portrait: Roots

For this project, you will have to create a self-portrait. You will need to use the materials that best suite your idea. You will have to look up the meaning of the word, “roots,” and incorporate it into your project somehow. You can be inspired by the word or take it literally, but the word,’roots,’ must be used in your creation process.

Use color purposefully and/ or symbolically. 

Try to push your original idea 3 different ways before settling on what you are going to create for your project. 

All project MUST be original. Take pride in coming up with your own ideas. 

Studio Art Abstract Unit

Abstract Expressionism

“What the heck is that supposed to be?”

“That’s Art?”

“I don’t get it.”

Abstract Art is a form of art which does not seek to represent the world around us. The term is applicable to any art that does not represent recognizable objects. Art that does not mirror real things, but is an arrangement of shapes and colors.

Abstract Expressionism:

  • Developed in New York during the decades immediately following World War II.
  • Abstract Expressionism is an attempt to depict universal emotions and feelings.
  • Abstract Expressionism is an artist defined movement.

Key Words linked to Abstract Expressionism: universal order; physical gesture; dance; psychic energy; unconscious symbols; contemplation; iconic; stillness.

The down and dirty of Abstract Expressionism: Abstract expressionists concentrated on the physical process of painting, from which the narrower term ‘Action Painting’ was derived, often throwing paint at their canvases in an expressive and highly physical subversion of traditional methods of painting. The Abstract Expressionists turned the unconscious for symbols of universal meaning which could restore both art and society after WW2.

Colour Field Painting looks exactly opposite of Action Painting, but it is simply another variant within Abstract Expressionism. Colour Field Painting evokes the physic energy of contemplation.

Artists that are associated with this art movement: Helen Frankenthaler, Arshile Gorky, Adolph Gottlieb, Philip Guston, Ellsworth Kelly, William De Kooning, Lee Krasner, Robert Motherwell, Barnett Newman, Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko, Frank Stella, Clyfford Still.

Related Art Movements: Fauvism, Primitivism, Expressionism, Neo-Expressionism.

*Studio Art students have been practicing and learning about Abstract Art and Abstract Expressionism. Students have created Abstract Art by listening to music and contemplating their own feelings, mood, and working on visual communication. Students were required to complete a presentation project and a ‘halves’ project where students researched an Abstract artist of their choice and compared it to Realism (the unit we just finished). The Halves Project will be comprised of the students creating one side of their composition in a Realism style and the other in an Abstract style, focusing on how to visually communicate the feelings or mood associated with their subject matter. The unit will be complete with an Abstract Expression Project using acrylic paints.

Advanced Studio Word Inspired Project

Advanced Studio will be working on creating an open-ended project around a word that the class voted on. We compiled words from English class and our own vocabulary interests and then took a vote. The blocked class is using the word ‘Vintage,’ and the 7th period class is using the word, ‘mortality.’

Students are currently working on their planning. We are emphasizing originality and non-cliche ideas. Students will be using the definitions of these words as inspiration for their project idea. Students will be working through their concentrated materials/ mediums of choice.

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