Studio Art Weekly Sketch Due Thursday, March 18

For this week’s sketch, you will do two drawings. One will be to render something made of paper. The other, will be in contrast, to draw something made of metal. I want you to compare a hard surface to a soft surface. It is up to you how you show these two sketches. You can draw them individually or you can combine them to create your own interesting composition. Please define what juxtaposition is and take that word into consideration while creating. Have fun, spend the time necessary, and take pride in your work.


Photography Weekly Photo

For this weekly photo you are to photograph silverware. You can use any cooking/ eating utensil. Be creative with your compositions. Try to incorporate your style of photography with this subject matter. Have fun! I can’t wait to see what you come up with. 10 photo minimum. Due Thursday, March 12th. 

Remember- I am no longer accepting late work.

Advanced Studio AND Studio Art Sketch Assignment

For this week’s sketch assignment, you need to draw a clothed figure. We are focusing on the folds of the clothing. Notice the highlights, shadows, and take special note which way you apply your marks to the paper. A strong light source will be your friend.

Refer to gesture drawing for the figure and then perfect the form of the figure so that it looks like the person is wearing the clothes- just just copy and pasted on.

Graphic Design Sketch

This week’s sketch is to use two-point perspective to create some sort of city or landscape. You need to combine SURREALISM into your realistic drawing of space/ perspective. Have fun and try to find your own style preference and illustration flares.

Be sure to put in time and effort! These are small mini-projects…I should see your full range of capability.

Look up what Surrealism means and find artists that work in this style to be inspired by. DO NOT COPY other people’s ideas. You should start looking at Salvador Dali and Rene Magritte. On top of these two artists, please look up an additional two artists and put them in your sourcebook with the typical basic information, background information, and critique of their work. Tell me what interests you or does not aesthetically please you.

Studio Art Sketch Due Wednesday, February 25th

Read and review pages 15-25 in your Perspective packet. Apply what you learned with 1 and 2 point perspective to create an open-ended sketch for this week. Last week, you drew your favorite part of your house- showing me what you know about perspective. This week, I am leaving it open for you to draw what you want (FROM LIFE) and apply the perspective technqiues from your book. Please reflect and self-critique as always. I am looking for quality and completed sketches. There should be value, a thoughtful composition, and details.

Photography Assignments (A look ahead)

Use this time, between now and when we get back from break, to be productive and to plan ahead! I have given you your new project and weekly photo to get started on. Take advantage of the lighting and flexibility being on break will offer.

Research Cindy Sherman; portrait photographer. You need to give me basic info./bio, interesting facts, print off examples of her work and critique your favorite piece. As a part of your critique, make a personal reflection or statement about what you think of Cindy Sherman’s work.  Please put in sourcebook. Use credible websites (like Cindy Sherman’s own website!) and site your sources.

Weekly Photo:Two parts: Need to submit a minimum of 10 photos. Need to focus on reflective surfaces and silhouettes. Be original, be creative, enjoy problem-solving and applying your photography interests and style with these two requirements. Look at your composition before you take your pictures…what is the focal point? What is in focus? What is in the background? What angle are you taking this from? Should you  move a bit? What mood is being evoked? How is the lighting? Don’t forget to breathe while you are taking your pictures! Holding your breath can cause blurry photos.

Weekly Assignments Due Thursday, February 12, 2015

Studio Art: Read and apply pages 8-14 into a perspective drawing of a room or area in your house. Be sure to use all of the elements and principles, push your own ability, and to show me that you understand your reading based on what you are drawing. Take note of your work ethic. When I question your time and effort, make sure you are at a 100%. Reflect in your sourcebook appropriately.

Advanced Studio Art: Using your own original photograph, or creating from observation, show me that you understand what atmospheric perspective is. This open-ended sketch can be of anything you want, as long as you are using your own photograph or looking from observation. I am checking for your knowledge on atmospheric perspective, so be sure to emphasize this in your sketch. Reflect in your sourcebook appropriately.

Digital Photography: Re-defining your style. At the beginning of the year, I had you write down what style you were interested in for photography. Now, that you have practiced, learned, and have seen examples of other photography styles, I want you to re-explore what you are best at and what you enjoy. Please submit a minimum of 10 photos in a presentation method. You will want to take many more photos than this though, in order to narrow down for the presentation. Be sure to incorporate rules of composition, the elements and principles, and focusing on your own personal style. Reflect in your sourcebook appropriately.

Graphic Design: You will need to research two graphic designers that are of interest to you. Please critique their work using the appropriate art criticism steps. Now, take note of what is their signature style (what element or principle stands out the most? What ‘makes’ their work? etc.) Please create your own design, advertisement, or work of art borrowing this element or principle that this artist uses as a stand out in their work. You will NOT copy this designer’s work, but merely be inspired by them. Reflect in your sourcebook appropriately.

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