Time-Lapse use in art class

Check out the video below of my students using time-lapse to capture their progress on projects/ sketches. We also used the time-lapse to capture a few chalk-talks so far. I can’t wait to continue to use this method in class more. I encourage all of my students to use this at least once on a project or sketch.

(Note: tertiary is spelled wrong in the video- our apologies!)




A couple of pottery pieces done by Gaetan Foisy; fresh out of the kiln!

Arts All Stars: Carl Hayes: Class of 2015

Carl will be featured on Channel 7 News Arts All Stars Program in January! Stay tuned for the exact date and time. Congratulations Carl!


“Printemps” By Alex Jones


Art is all about expression; expressing yourself however you want. I struggled with this project a lot with figuring out how I wanted to express myself through my painting. I did have success with making my new and improved version (the last picture). I learned that you can make anything better; even when you think you can’t and there’s nothing left to do. I think abstract art is so fun to look at and find meaning in. There’s no certain way to look at it and that’s what I love about it. Realism is a lot different and I don’t like it as much; it’s not as fun to interpret.


I wanted to start off with a black background because I wanted to use bright colors overlapping it to create a contrasted look. I like how it came out. I did not like my original idea though. I improved by adding more texture to the painting and more blended colors. I liked the blended look of other people’s paintings and I applied that technique to mine. It makes everything look more meaningful and put together. I’m very proud of how it turned out!

a a2 a3 a4

“Come To Me” By Hunter Wilson


In the beginning of this project knew I wanted to use varying color and textures. I started with different simple colors and smooth textures. Starting in one corner it was flat, then
as I painted across the page, I added more mixed paint and more texture.
Next, I went a little bit far with the silver, adding large blobs of the paint all over my canvas, which created an impasto effect. I really liked it and I really wanted to leave it the way it was, but layer after layer is supposed to make it even better, so I thought up different colors to complement the piece and where to use them. I realized that the silver made it all too simple and bland because it took over the canvas, so I added spots of differing pinks and purples especially around the space near one edge. Next, I used a method Miss Eipp had suggested which was putting two pieces of wet work together to add more color and texture just to make it different. So, I put a huge smear of silver in my sourcebook and put my canvas on it then peeled it back and I got a really cool texture because of it. The last step in my piece was to add a dark element to really bring the whole thing together, because at this time it was looking too bright and all of the colors were in round shapes. So, I took a piece of paper, folded it in half and painted the fold black. I then placed the fold across my canvas in varying directions over and over again until I got a good contrasting aspect to my piece. After I finished this I knew I was done. What I guess I struggled with is knowing how far to go with the whole thing in general. I always wanted to stop because I thought it was good enough; but after adding layers and different methods to the whole thing I’m happy with the final result.



Artistic Statement

What my art work represents is life in general but relationships specifically. The morphing textures and colors on my canvas show what all relationships do, they start simple and plain and are changed into something completely unique, detailed, and different. I also added different elements from the bright pinks representing the sparks and the black straight lines and darker tones representing the hard patches. The silver kind of took on a life of its own so I consider it to be sort of “the luck of life” and what life throws at people. The inspiration for the whole relationship idea was from my favorite song by, “The Goo Goo Dolls,” that talks about a life with another person from the moment they meet until their last days. It’s more of a true love story in the song, but in my piece I’d like to think it can relate to any relationship in general; whether it’s family, friendship, or love. I also like to think that each layer shows each phase in life that the relationship goes through, and those layers keep building upon each other into something beautiful and all its own. Even when the layers are differing they still work together and form unity. I’ve seen a lot of things in my circle of friends and within my own family and I think all the aspects of everything I’ve seen are shown on the canvas. I’m happy I got to portray what I wanted from beginning to end.

1 2 3 4 5

“Something Untold” By Hannah Drechsel

This project, at first, was a bit of a challenge for me. In the beginning, I really did not like my
painting at all because there was not purpose behind it and I did not like the color scheme. Before I had even started on the actual canvas I had been practicing and experimenting with colors and brush movements. Some of the paintings I did I really liked, while others I noted to avoid. So, after a day of painting on the canvas, I decided I was going
to change it completely. On days two and three I worked on blending pastel colors and mixing
them on the canvas. Then, on day four I added back some dark colors hoping to create some
more depth, and instantly regretted it. Once again, on day five I covered it with pastel colors
and began to like it a little more. On the final day, I worked hard to create some value and
depth, and finally knew I was done when I couldn’t think of anything else to add. Next time, I
would probably do a larger range of colors, and maybe be a little more risky when it comes to
designs. Overall though, I’m happy with my work.

I named this piece “Something Untold,” mainly because I’m not entirely sure what this piece says about me. I was leaning towards the fact that I’m lighthearted, but at the same time focused. I want people to learn from this piece that it’s okay to be focused and determined, but still have fun. My inspiration for this piece was summer. That is when I feel the most carefree, yet I still have my mind set on something. Thank you for viewing my piece.

IMG_6700 IMG_6701 IMG_6711 IMG_6723 IMG_6724 IMG_6804

“Absence of Sense” By Luca Stradella

Abstract Project Reflection

My abstract project started out very different than the finished project; due to a drastic design change halfway through the process.

I thought that I could possibly begin anew, to see if I might create something that I thought would appeal to me more. On the second version I decided to paint over the whole thing and start fresh.

Original 1st painting:luca

1st version of second painting:luca2

I used a descending background, using different shades and values of blue and green. For the foreground, I really focused on geometric figures and shapes.

Final stage of the 2nd and final painting:

luca 3

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