Welcome back to school! With the 2015-2016 school year, you will see some changes in the art room. We are trying to utilize technology as much as possible to increase your art experience. Instead of finding your assignments on my blog, you will now be able to find your assignments, handouts, etc. in your very own Google Art Classroom. The first week of class, we will go over the access code and how to join the class so you can stay up-to-date on what is due.

The blog will now be used to share more student artwork, local inspirations and art shows, and anything else that I find worthy of sharing out to our art community.

Have a great year and I cannot wait to see you all! Best of luck on your first day.


Time-Lapse use in art class

Check out the video below of my students using time-lapse to capture their progress on projects/ sketches. We also used the time-lapse to capture a few chalk-talks so far. I can’t wait to continue to use this method in class more. I encourage all of my students to use this at least once on a project or sketch.

(Note: tertiary is spelled wrong in the video- our apologies!)

Arts All Stars: Carl Hayes: Class of 2015

Carl will be featured on Channel 7 News Arts All Stars Program in January! Stay tuned for the exact date and time. Congratulations Carl!


Today’s Google Design


Without cheating, who is the artist that inspired today’s Google design? How do you know it is this artist? What elements and principles does this artist use to help with identification?  What is this artist’s work about? What other artists work in this style?

Outstanding Artistic Merit

Congratulations to Rebecca Burns and Sierra Damon for their Certificate of Outstanding Artistic Merit, awarded by the St. Lawrence County Arts Council and funded by The Sweetgrass Foundation.

These two students were awarded a scholarship to attend one of the art classes that the SLC Arts Council offers (Wheel-Thrown Pottery, Beginning Drawing, or Mixed Media Collage.)

Thank you to the SLC Arts Council and The Sweetgrass Foundation for your generosity!


Marie Amell brought this project to my attention. Very interesting discussion about ‘beauty.’ Check it out and reflect on what your definition of beauty is. What does our own culture say is beautiful? How does this compare to other cultures?


Sam Lee’s Portfolio

Today, is an exciting day! Sam Lee submitted his portfolio and application to Syracuse University’s Newhouse School of Communications (“The Newhouse School is one of the nation’s top schools of communication, preparing students to become leaders in a rapidly changing media landscape.” – newhouse.syr.edu) Here is a link to Sam’s portfolio. Wish him luck and enjoy the show!


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