Art Teacher Staff Day (this past Friday) with Bruce Taylor

The Regional Art Teachers came together, this past Friday, to work on making sense of Common Core in the art room. We worked with Bruce Taylor, author of and expert in, “Common Sense Arts Standards, How the Arts Can Thrive in an Era of Common Core.” For more information visit

We spent the morning listening to ways in which we can incorporate the common core into our already existing lessons. It was refreshing to hear that we are already including common core, we just need to include the correct vocabulary to document what we are doing. The afternoon was spent in a breakout session with Bruce, using his method and vocabulary to take already existing ideas/ lessons and make them Common Core approved.

Everyone left with a copy of Bruce’s book and a feeling of relief, that not only is there a place for us in this world of Common Core, but we are excelling at it and is one of the subjects that has the ability/ flexibility to really make kids THINK.

Thank you to SLU, the TLC, SLL BOCES, and FRAM for making this professional development day possible.