Art Club Update

I have all of the permission slips counted and am organizing paperwork! I am looking to start on January 7th- which is the first full week we are back to school. I will be sending a letter home to clarify asap, as soon as I find out a few details. Thank you for your patience and support in advance 🙂 SoOOO excited to get started! I have marvelous ideas I want to get underway! Stay posted for more updates!


Remember, Only Grade 2 will be the month of January. Depending on if we start late or not, I might have the second graders come during March to work with the Kindergarten students during their art club time….we sha’ll see!


Birch Tree Paintings

Birch Tree Paintings are very popular in the North Country, so I decided to have some of the classes make them. They will be reinforcing their knowledge of cool colors as well as continue to learn about different types of trees, animals, and how to prepare for changing of seasons.

photo (82)

Grade 2

Grade 2 has started their color theory unit. We have started making personal color wheels so far. Next class we will be finishing secondary colors and adding line designs of patterns and textures, that ‘represent ourselves.’ We also took a fun day today to get students caught up that were absent. While students got caught up on the color wheel, others worked on poinsettia drawings and ideal winter landscape drawings. We had fun today just relaxing and enjoying making art.

photo (73) Day 1 of color wheel: we watched a video, discussed how color effects our life, and what we think the different colors mean. Next class we will be doing a color mixing hand-shake to make the secondary colors!


photo (79) photo (78) photo (77) photo (76) photo (75) photo (74)

First Grade

This week, Grade 1 has started working on their “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs” project. We did take a quick break to do an observational drawing of a poinsettia too. I think they turned out wonderful!

photo (84) photo (85) photo (86)


We started learning about magnets in my Kindergarten Classes this week. Then we started to make our own magnets. I had the students stomp on model magic to make a textured/ patterned surface. THEY LOVED THIS. Now, we are letting them dry and are going to paint them next class and put the magnets on. With the extra time we had left in class, they worked on their very first observational drawing of a poinsettia using oil pastels. Next class they will paint the poinsettia drawings with watercolors and learn how a resist works.

photo (87) photo (88)

photo (89) photo (90)

photo (83)

Mr. Jenne Appreciation Day

We had a Mr. Jenne Appreciation Day back on December 6, to show Mr. Jenne that we are all grateful for everything he does for our school. I had my classes work on a painting together to give to him. We have titled it: “A Day in the Life of an Elementary Principal.”

photo (81)

Kindness…pass it on


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